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5 Keys To The Perfect Haircut

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If you feel like you’ve never had a haircut you love, there are probably a few reasons as to why. It can come down to not knowing what is best for your face shape or texture or simply not having seen a hairdresser that can guide you in the right direction. Whatever the reason, it totally breaks my heart when I see someone in my chair who tells me how much they hate their hair. Fortunately, that’s where my job comes in… to help every client I see love, embrace and own their hair. To show them that finding their best look might take a minute and we’ve all had some battle stories to prove it, but by following a few easy tips, you can find the perfect haircut for you. This is how:

1. Embrace Your Texture: When you are realistic about what you’re working with, a whole new world of options and opportunities can open up for you. Besides the fact that it’s just a much more positive outlook to work with what you have everyday instead of fighting and struggling, it’s also amazing how you can come to really love your hair by embracing it’s natural state. It can be really helpful in this case to look through photos of women who’s hair looks like your own and study how their layers look, whether they wear more blunt or textured looks and the variations in how they style it. If your hair is coarse and curly, it can be really freeing to embrace a longer haircut with longer layers that have just enough weight to pull out frizz, but not too much weight that pulls out all of the curl. Or if you have fine, straight hair, it can be really freeing to embrace a long bob that adds body and movement to your limp locks with blunt ends that add weight and thickness. If you still aren’t sure what will work best for your specific hair type, this is where your consultation with your hairdresser can come in.

2. Know Your Face Shape: Choosing a haircut that matches and accentuates your face shape is really crucial when it comes to the perfect haircut. If you’ve never had a haircut you love, this is probably the reason why. This is the reason why women like Jennifer Aniston and Lauren Conrad never seem to switch up their signature styles… because they know what flatters them the most around their face and they stick with it. Jennifer, for example, has a pear face shape where the jaw line is wider than the forehead so to balance, she always wears a face frame around her jaw line. To find your face shape, hold all the hair back off your face and take a look at your facial structure. What is the widest point? Is your chin longer than your forehead? Does everything seem to be in perfect balance, making you an oval face shape? Take the time to really study your face (as awkward as it might be to stare at yourself in the mirror) and then read up on what the best cuts are for each. When you book your appointment with your hairdresser, make sure to clarify with her in order to achieve the perfect haircut. Check out this post on HelloGiggles for more info on how to find your face shape.

3. Keep In Mind Your Maintenance Level: This is the one that everybody forgets about. Those bangs sounded like a super fun idea until two weeks later when you realize you just really hate having to style them every morning. Or consider your place of business. Do you have to wear a ponytail everyday? Or are you at home with a young child everyday who likes to tug on your long layers? Unfortunately, every haircut is completely different when it comes to maintenance levels based on your texture. What takes five minutes for someone with curly hair can take someone with straight hair twenty minutes and vice versa, so it’s really important to consider how you want your every day to look. Think about your job, how much you tend to play with your hair, what products you want to use and how many, what kind of heat tools you’re open to using and how much time you want to commit.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a woman with a round face shape sit in my chair and say, “I know I can’t wear a short hairstyle because it will make me look even more round….” Or a curl client who says, “I don’t want layers because I NEED that weight on my length…” It always makes me sad that for who knows how long, that client has not been able to find the best haircut for them because they’ve been closed off to some of the best things they can do for their hair. Part of this is just research and trusting your hairdresser that they know what it takes to make your haircut work. But another big part of it is you truly being open to trying something new. Acknowledging that if nothing else has worked in the past, it might be best to try something you’ve been afraid of. I can promise you that pixie, if it’s shaped correctly around your round face shape can actually slim you. And by adding some layers to that curl, you will actually get rid of that “triangle” shape that your hair always seems to grow into. Sometimes the key to finding the best haircut is not being afraid to take a risk.

5. Detailing, Personalizing & Finishing: My favorite part in the whole process! In an average haircut, I spend about 30% of my time doing my finishing techniques once the haircut has been dried and styled. I do this because it takes a generic, step by step haircut to a detailed, perfect haircut that lays exactly as it should, goes right back to where it should after being shaken out and falls into place without much styling. This last crucial step to a haircut is what can take weight out of certain areas and add texture to certain areas that want to be “piece-y”. Sometimes the difference between a good cut and a perfect haircut is just a simple re-distribution of weight or texture and all of that is done with some personalization and finishing.