Launch Day!

Hey beautiful,

Welcome to Beauty, Head First! If you are coming over from, thank you so much for stopping by! If you are brand new, thanks for taking the time to check us out! 

For those of you that are used to lots of expert advice on all things hair, I've compiled a Top 10 list of the most popular posts from the old blog. I hope you enjoy the classics, which you can find here.

With the new and evolving brand, we are going to explore beauty from a more complete viewpoint. We will chat about healthy living, confidence, career advice, being a loving force in the world, relationships and of course, hair and makeup. I put a lot of who I am into my writing and I love that when a client sits in my chair or a reader emails me, they feel like I’m already a good friend.

And as your digital bestie, I want to be able to talk about so much more than just hair. So that’s what we are going to do.

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Thank you again for stopping by. Here's to a beautiful journey! 

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